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black singles
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Online Dating and Chat for Black Singles
black singles Connect with more than 10,000 Black Singles online every day! Finding someone and falling in love is hard at best. At we bring single Black women and men together in an online atmosphere conducive to dating
and building relationships that will last. With a busy lifestyle, many African American singles are searching the Internet to find love. Instead of going out to the bars and clubs, it's much less time consuming to hit the computer one night to find many single hopefuls to meet. With tens of thousands joining each month this is the place black people meet. The site was founded with the idea that Black singles looking for dating opportunities should have a place that makes the search for love easier. Each day thousands of Black singles visit in search of singles in their area. Create your profile today and start the search for something more. The large user base and user-friendly features have led to success for many black singles. With a sophisticated matching system, several search options, instant messenger, chat rooms, message boards, and more, you are sure to find a match at A great number of black dating tips are available as well!
Pay a Fee or Use Free?
Free dating sites make online dating budget-friendly for a number of individuals. However, when you are seeking out a partner for a serious relationship, you may find that the more relationship-minded individuals flock towards sites that require membership dues. Sites that require funding will often offer additional services such as computer matchmaking, more thorough profiles, and even protection features. It can be easier to scope out the nuances of a member's profile when a dating site requires a certain amount of information and questionnaires. Moreover, the most cautious dating sites may even run background checks on their potential members to ensure that their constituents are neither married nor bearing an ominous criminal record. Researching a potential dating site carefully and looking for these aforementioned features may give you a glimpse as to what your membership fee will cover.
Beautiful (and STABLE!) Black Hollywood Love
black singles Source: MadamNoire
While there are no official statistics on Hollywood marriage, a fool can see that the celebrity divorce rate is even more out the box than the already-high one for us regular
folk. That's why these long lasting Black power couples give us the 'warm fuzzies'. We salute them for keeping their love strong in an industry that makes healthy relationships almost impossible to sustain. If you need a little inspiration when it comes to love today, check out our list of long-lasting Black Hollywood couples!

Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance

The thespian couple met at Yale Drama School and ran in similar circles for many years before finally falling in love. They will also celebrate 14 years of wedded bliss this year.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith

One of Hollywood's most beautiful couples, the Smiths have been married for nearly 14 years! They tied the knot two years after meeting on the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air; Jada auditioned for a role as Will's girlfriend; she didn't get the part, but obviously landed something far better!

Denzel and Pauletta Washington

while many would consider the smoldering actor to be one of the biggest catches on the planet, Washington always makes a point to say in interviews how lucky he is to have landed a wonderful black woman like Pauletta. Awww!

Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis-Lee

The director wed his attorney bride some 18 years ago, in marriage that has produced two beautiful children and two jointly-written children’s books: “Please, Baby, Please” and “Giant Steps To Change The World”. Lewis-Lee, herself a long-time activist, has also penned many articles and conducted interviews for a host of publications, including two sit-downs with First Lady Michelle Obama for Glamour Magazine.

Antoine Fuqua and Lela Rochon

The directorial heavyweight and timeless bombshell celebrated 12 years of marriage this past April! While the details of the couple’s relationship may not make headlines, in Hollywood, that’s probably for the best! Fuqua has a son from a previous marriage and together, they are the parents of two children.

Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis

Though we lost Ossie in 2005, the couple’s fifty-six year marriage is not to be forgotten. The couple offered words of inspiration in their joint biography “In This Life Together With Ruby and Ossie”. A gem from Ruby: “I thought I loved (Ossie) when we got married, but as I see now, I was only in the kindergarten of the proposition. To arrive at love is like working on a double doctorate in the subject of Life.”

Top 10 Reasons to Date a Black Woman

black singles Source: Black Women and their beauty. A black woman's love for anyone is something that one should not try to go against. Her strength is in her knowing who she is, where she comes from and where she is going. Here are the Top 10 Reasons why to date a black woman.
1) She won’t let anyone disrespect her, her children, or even you for that matter.
2) No one can wear copper or orange like a brown-skinned and dark-skinned sista. The colors ‘light,’ ‘medium,’ and ‘dark’ are extremely vague when it comes to the skin of a black female.
3) Stimulating discussions. They call it having an attitude. I call it having an opinion. No push-overs here.
4) She’s going to push you to be your best. Black Women look at things as a we situation. You do well, we do well.
5) The Queens of Alternative Medicine. The Black community has a long history of passing down old remedies for anything that ails you.
6) Black love is beautiful.
7) Black and anything else is beautiful as well. Statistics say Black female-White male marriages show substantially lower rates of divorce than White-White marriages.
8) She’s looking for love. With all the talk of the “single Black female,” we see a group of women open to giving herself and her love to someone.
9) Her Physical Fitness. Many people lament the growing "obesity" of the black community but when you are with a sista who knows how to take care of her body and exercises it you have someone who can run loops around most non-black women.
10) Her Strength. There is always one in the crowd who laments the stereotype of "strong black women". This is not to mean someone who is belligerent or mouthy. A black woman's strength is in her resolve to be herself even when people say she is less than.

Is It Cheating to Have a "Work Husband?"

Source: MadamNoire
black singles Forty-hour work week? SMH. Does that even exist for ambitious millennial women? The answer is no. Americans are working more than ever these days, spending almost twice the time working as they do with family and spouses. Yes, that does say something
about our value system and the level of competition. More importantly, it reveals how much it means to enjoy your colleagues. But, how much is too much "enjoyment?"

Black Singles and Couples at Work

Work husband is a term used loosely to describe (hetero and homosexual) male companions within a professional setting. He is often the turn-to guy for lunch dates, networking mixers and venting when you get screwed out of a promotion or hit a hurdle in your marriage. Basically, he is the guy at the office who knows way more about you than he should. Support is a great thing to have, especially because work can be stressful. But, at what point does the level of emotional support cross the line? The gay work husband is very similar to (and possibly better than) a gay bestie and 100 percent non-threatening. Your husband does not have to worry about the potential for a sexual relationship, because he's not interested. In the instance of a gay work hubby, your legal husband may even feel a sense of relief. With you having another male companion to chat up, he can stop keeping up with the Kardashians and DVR-ing the Real Housewives of Atlanta.
However, the smart, funny, strapping heterosexual work husband is a different sort of man. Sure, you may just be great friends but isn’t that how great romances begin? If you are at the point where you and others in your office refer to this guy as your work husband, you may be too emotionally invested. While it is not cheating, you want to be careful not to give reason for your real husband to be jealous. Men can be especially sensitive when it comes to their special lady, so try to be considerate. Straight work husbands are office-only. As a married woman, you really shouldn’t be having social, one-on-one lunch and dinner dates with other men. You don’t want to send the wrong message, so it is important to create and maintain barriers.
Women and men make up the workplace. Married people can befriend colleagues of the opposite sex just like everyone else. It is not cheating until it is cheating. Just be sure your real husband knows and approves of your “work husband.”

Creative Ways for Black Singles to Say I Love You

Say "I love you" with rose petals floating in the middle of the tub.
Cook a dish or bake a cake with the words "I love you" across its center.
Spell out "I love you" with candles lit on the table, while enjoying a sensual dinner.
Say it in sand at the beach.
Stick sweet messages of love all over the house.
Say I love you in different languages.
Give your loved one an unexpected hug, a surprisingly romantic kiss, or a teasing tickle often.
Write it on the bathroom mirror.
Call in a dedication on your partner's favorite radio station.
Go together to the beach and carve it in the sand.
Stick glow in the dark stars on your loved one ceiling.
Carve your initials into a heart on the back of your sweetheart's favorite candy bar.

Funny Black Couple Commercial

Drinks of Love and Passion

Dennis Black Loves The C
romance 0.25 Shot Apricot Brandy
1 Splash Creme de Cacao
7oz Pineapple Juice
0.5 Shot Wildberry Schnapps
Pour each ingredient separately, so as to create a very colorful and fruity drink. Add full banana for texture.

Online Dating for Black Singles

black singles

Books: Single Black Female by Carrie Carr

Black Author, Carrie Carr, embraces a prosperous future as readers respond with favor to her debut novel, Single Black Female.
In just a few months, the much-talked about novel, Single Black Female has climbed the ranks at, due to the sensational reviews and vast word-of-mouth. Even the producers of The Tyra Banks show to premier this fall have requested a copy of the book. Already the novel is being considered by several Hollywood production companies, including Sony Pictures for the possible adaptation into a feature film.
Single Black Female is a cut above the typical romance titles about women in search of a good man. From the very beginning, readers are sucked into the titillating story of Cinnamon Brown as she assertively seeks out Mr. Wonderful in the Windy City.
Single Black Female is about more than romance -- its about loving yourself and empowerment, which comes across loud and clear with the storyline of Cinnamon's friend, Arri. Arri is a beautiful woman in a dysfunctional relationship. She's so much in love with her boyfriend that she has no love for herself. She's the woman we all hate to hate because she's so much like us or shes so much like how we used to be.

Love Songs, Romantic Music

Romantic songs elevate the feeling of love and affection. Music can set the mood, help a lonely heart, mend a broken heart or give hope to those you've yet to find love. Here is the list of's Top 10 Most Romantic Songs.

Love Letter Ideas for Black Singles

black singles
Message In A Bottle
On a special occasion put a little confetti or tiny heart cutouts on top of the visor in his car. When your loved one brings down the visor to block the sun the confetti will sprinkle down on him. You could also put a love letter or love-note there.
Floating love letter on top of a hot bubble bath.
Stop by a local florist and get a bag of rose petals. Use them to leave a trail of rose petals to a romantic surprise.
A letter hunt, sent your loved ones running around the house finding little "clues" to where the real love letter is.
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