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Love at First Sight, Fiction or Reality?
love The love at first sight sensation is as real as the perfect person sitting in front of you.. The way we react in a new relationship of any sort isn't always natural, so as you get to know
one another better things may begin to seem not so perfect. Once you step outside of the overwhelming sensations of getting to know someone new you might realize that this isnt love at first site, but lust at first sight. And, thats not always a bad thing! Sometimes, the most intense lust can turn to love, so don't assume that you should just give up as soon as you realize its not real love at first sight. Love at first sight is something that many people believe in because they've had it happen to them. Others are a bit jaded because those that they thought were their love at first sight happened to be anything but a dream.
Sun, Water and Sex: Holiday Sex Dos and Don'ts
love Source: Cosmopolitan
Don’t stick to your normal sex routine. When you’re on holiday you’re already dressing differently so it’s time to behave differently in the bedroom too.
Don’t opt for your fave position, whether you’re making mattress magic with your man or someone new now is the time to experiment. If missionary is your default position, get on all fours. If it’s girl on top turn your back on him and do a reverse cowgirl.

Do eat lots of fresh fruit

Beaches and sun loungers were made for cocktail sipping so choose creations containing strawberries, kiwi fruits and when possible vanilla ice cream. All of these improve your ‘taste’ when he goes down on you. Strawberries are also jam packed with zinc that makes testosterone and promise to turbo-charge your inner temptress.

Do make the most of the warm weather

Warm refreshing breezes on the beach aren’t just for cooling you down mid tanning session… they also give good excuse to be more daring with your dressing. When you’re at a bar, disappear to the loo for a few minutes, then when you return hand your man your knickers. He won’t be able to get you back to the villa fast enough...

Don’t forget to be safe during sex in the sea

If things turn from floaty to frisky in the sea make sure you’re out of sight and and it goes without saying you’ll still need to use protection. Swim up to some secluded rocks, put the condom on and then return to the sea. Be mindful though, water can wash off lubricants on condoms that may make sex a little less smooth - so the condom is more likely to break. Remember to be a little more careful when you take the plunge!...

Do ask for ice in your drink

If you’re holidaying in a country where it’s safe to drink the water, ask for ice in your drink and use it to your advantage. Slowly suck on one and take it out of your mouth, kiss your man for a chilly thrill then whisper seductively in his ear that you’ll repeat this process before going down on him… you can also use an ice lolly for this just remember to maintain eye contact as you lick and suck your lolly. Read More >>>

Top 10 Signs It is Love

love True love is one of those rare things that some believe does not exist. Love is a manifestation of feelings & emotions which is the ultimate essence of human life. Some people question the happiness felt when with one another as a probable sign of being in love. Here is our Top 10 List of the Signs that It is Love:
1) You'd do Anything, Even Die, for Them
2) Loyal to only Each Other
3) The Kiss Is More Than A Kiss
4) Butterflies In Your Stomach
5) The Sound of Them Makes you Smile
6) Other People Seem Optional
7) Time is an eternity when you're without them
8) Trouble Looking Away
9) Learning to Compromise
10) You Do Not Mind Their Flaws

The Ultimate Orgasm Guide

love The first orgasm I ever had with a guy was in the shower with my college boyfriend, who was just using his hands. I was so shocked it worked that I couldn’t stop laughing and saying, Oh, my God, I came!”
(He must have suddenly wondered about my previous theatrics in bed.) But that was the first and last time a hand job ever worked for me, in the shower or out of it. Later on I found I could only get off from oral, and sometime later it was only straight-up screwing that worked. Yes, the female orgasm can be a tricky little beast, but make no mistake: When we come, it’s freaking amazing. It’s white lights and stars, an ecstatic, almost out-of-body experience. And if you’re the one who manages to get us there, we’ll be absolute putty in your hands. That’s why we’re giving you a sneak peek into the nitty-gritty details of lady orgasms—the moves that make our toes curl and our insides shudder—so that you’ll never go to bed unprepared.

It’s Like…Whoa

Just like we all take different routes to the big O, every woman experiences it a little bit differently. The one commonality? Awesomeness. Susie,* a 28-year-old event planner, says her orgasms are “better than any drug in the world. For me it’s like a wave of warmth that starts in my toes, then climbs over the rest of my body until I’m completely hot and shaking. I’ll feel like my genitals are trembling and I’m almost on fire.” For some girls it’s not the orgasm itself but the moments immediately following that are the peak of ecstasy. “The best part for me is afterward, when I feel like I have this aura around me, this bright, warm glow of orgasm, and I feel so damn happy,” says Corinne, a 30-year-old physical therapist. “Sometimes I even want to cry.” And let’s not forget the lucky girl who can actually come over and over—the multiple orgasmer. “When I finish coming, I typically have about 30 seconds of downtime before the second wave begins,” says Mackenzie, a 26-year-old sales assistant, who feels a sensation of heat similar to that described by Susie when she comes. “Then the rush of blood and that kind of low-level electricity begin again and build to even more intensity the second time around. Multiple orgasms are without a doubt the best part of being a woman.”

The Road to O-Town, Part I

So what does it take to bring a girl to these body-shaking, earth-quaking highs? The good news is, for some women intercourse does the job…though maybe not as easily as it does for you. Since our bodies... Read Full Article >>>

Every Girl's Dream Date

Love Drink of the Month

After Midnight
love 2 tsp instant coffee;
1 glass of cold milk
2 tsp instant cocoa
1 dash cream
Add coffee and cocoa to milk. Add cream to smoothen. A great non alchoholic drink.

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Love Quotes

Things are beautiful if you love them. Jean Anouilh
A mighty pain to love it is, and ’tis a pain that pain to miss; but of all the pains, the greatest pain is to love, but love in vain. Abraham Crowley
Love is life. All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love. Leo Tolstoy
Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart. Kay Knudsen
Love is not a matter of counting the years... But making the years count. Michelle St. Amand
Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart. Kay Knudsen
We can only learn to love by loving. Iris Murdoch. More Love Quotes >>>

Love Songs, Romantic Music

Romantic songs elevate the feeling of love and affection. Music can set the mood, help a lonely heart, mend a broken heart or give hope to those you've yet to find love. Here is the list of's Top 10 Most Romantic Songs.
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