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Love and Romance: Sun, Water and Sex: Holiday Sex Dos and Don'ts

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Don’t forget to be safe during sex in the sea

If things turn from floaty to frisky in the sea make sure you’re out of sight and it goes without saying you’ll still need to use protection. Swim up to some secluded rocks, put the condom on and then return to the sea. Be mindful though, water can wash off lubricants on condoms that may make sex a little less smooth - so the condom is more likely to break. Remember to be a little more careful when you take the plunge!

Do ask for ice in your drink

If you’re holidaying in a country where it’s safe to drink the water, ask for ice in your drink and use it to your advantage. Slowly suck on one and take it out of your
mouth, kiss your man for a chilly thrill then whisper seductively in his ear that you’ll repeat this process before going down on him… you can also use an ice lolly for this just remember to maintain eye contact as you lick and suck your lolly.

Don’t throw caution to the wind

If the mood, opportunity and law allows you to, indulge in alfresco sex over the balcony (if you’ve a quiet, beach-facing room that is). Or take to a hammock and straddle it with your man underneath and glide onto him letting the material take your weight. But whatever you do, make sure you’re aware of the laws where you’re staying, obviously Muslim states such as Dubai are a definite no no for this.

Do pack plenty of protection

Every safe-sex savvy girl knows to use a condom when sleeping with someone new, but do all of us practice safe sex after a few too many cocktails? Always take a few out with you on nights out. And remember oil-based products such as sunscreen, certain lubes and lipstick can damage condoms.

Don’t forget to use lube

Sex play for hours on end can have its drawbacks – sore bits (ouch) and dryness (grrr). Combined with stuffy climates and soaring temperatures your bits can take a bit of a bashing. Avoid nastiness in your knickers by keeping a lube handy that’ll also prevent any chaffing down there.

Do exit appropriately

If you choose to have one, after a one night stand behave properly the next morning or else you’ll be stuck for the rest of the holiday dodging your conquest by the pool. The morning after it’s always better to leave sooner rather than later. If he feels the same, he’ll like you even more when you leave him wanting more. If he won’t budge, the best way to nip things in the bud once and for all is to be honest.

Don’t ditch your friends

If you do get some holiday hanky-panky make sure you tell your friends what's going on – tell them where you’re going and who with. Especially if you're away on just a two-girl holiday don't leave your mate stranded, make sure she’s home safe before you have a sleepover. And it’s worth protecting your pride too, holiday romances usually fade faster than your tan so don't have high hopes of lasing love.

Do get resourceful

Not got your regular toys and tricks? No problem… use your bikini top to tie your man's hands to the headboard then take advantage of his powerless state. Use moisturiser or sunscreen to create plenty of movement for hand jobs but remember these may damage condoms.

Don’t do something you’ll regret

Never do anything you’re not comfortable with on holiday and watch how much you drink. It can be easy with fish bowls and free shots to loose track of just how drunk you’ve got. You’ll also be more dehydrated in hot temperatures so will get drunk faster. Remember to look out for your friends too!

Do enjoy the motion of the ocean

Who wants to stay on dry land when you can get wet? Hire a pedalo and drift out into the ocean so you’re far enough off shore not to be spotted. Get down and dirty there and then, just make sure you test out the motion of the ocean theory.

Don’t miss out on the sun

Boys, bars and hangovers can lead to you spending most of your stay inside. But if your tan isn’t calling you to hit the beach, this will… just 15 consecutive minutes of exposure to sunlight signals your brain to release the feel-good chemical serotonin, making it easier for you to orgasm when the time comes. What are you waiting for? <<< Page 1


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