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Having a fiery temper is not proof of true passion. The impulsivity usually remains superficial, while the passionate feelings are deeper. Passion – this is a great mood of excitement, enthusiasm or as you can call it, a true emotion. Are you someone who devotes yourself on everything you do with your heart and body? Or, do you prefer to be more restrained and cold, to be someone with a reasonable mind? Check it out for yourself…

1) Have you ever jumped from joy in the hands of a perfect stranger?

a) No, I am too contained to consider that ever possible. (0 points)
b) No, but I could imagine doing it. (3points)
c) Of course, this is typical for me. (6points)

2) What kind of mood are you typically in?

a) Yes, I’m a sobbing, giggling emotional see-saw. (6points)
b) A little bit, but I could control myself. (0 points)
c) I am usually well balanced and in a good mood. (3points)

3) Love, sex and affection, what is your opinion on them?

a) Sometimes gentle, sometimes rough, sometimes to its extremes, depending on my desire and mood. (3points)
b) Sometimes, I am a real volcano. (6points)
c) I am lazy in bed and I am usually the taker. (0 points)

4) Too much fighting with your partner, what do you think about it?

a) We can spark fights between us every once and then. (6points)
b) Fights are a sign of immaturity, I usually walk away until our emotions have calmed. (0 points)
c) I usually avoid emotional confrontations.  (3points)

5) Do you believe that love could last for a lifetime?

a) It’s probably there, but in very rare exceptions. (4 points)
b) I think love that lasts for a lifetime is impossible. (1 point)
c) Why not? If I love somebody, I am capable of loving them for a lifetime. (6points)

6) Which saying best suits you?

a) Measure twice, cut it once. (1 point)
b) Take risks: if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise. (4 points)
c) Forge the iron, while it is hot. (6points)

2 to 13 points: You are reserved and a bit cold by nature, a man of reason. Very rarely, your inner engine would have big turnovers. Even though, you could be charming and witty, your emotional life is rarely getting any action. You are expressing emotion, sympathy, enthusiasm, anger and sadness, all in a very moderate and controlled way. You consider the overflowing passion as false, artificial and even depressing. Well, sometimes passion could look like a movie and for your soul and this could be like spring purification. Give your feelings more freedom.

14 to 24 points: Your passion is fluctuating. Sometimes you brim with exuberance and gaiety, you are active and engaged, but then again, you are reserved and purposeful. The reason is: your passion usually does not come from inside, but it depends on other people. If you feel that you are accepted, then you have no problems to freely pour your feelings. But when you get together with more contained and troubled people, you act cold and distant. You avoid impulsiveness and excitement with cautious restraint, so that people do not consider you are overreacting. Follow your instincts and feelings.

25 to 36 points: Everything in you is on fire. Even without any reason, you surprise the others with your temperamental outbursts. Excitement and overjoy – you experience them daily. Sometimes, you have a strong desire to pour your soul with words and gestures. And you do this, with so much vigor and activity that you could easily scare the ones around you. But they still approve you and admire you, because they swim through the waves of your enthusiasm.

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