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Four Things He Will Never Admit!

online dating, love, romance This is confidential information. Despite what you have heard and how many men you know, every man keeps some of the details of his life locked up. But if you learn them, this will help you to know him better and not rush into slamming the door behind him, if one day you collide with them.

First, he really loves porn.

You think: "Not my husband!" But not so true - even the most wonderful man loves obscene scenes. This is because porn movies show new, unknown techniques that can be used in real life. Not yet convinced? Think how much money the porn industry makes each year. And when was the last time you were the one to get the DVD from the video store?

He wants more oral sex.

Yes, you know that he loves it but you cannot even imagine how much he really does love oral sex! Men are addicted to three things - food, relaxation and oral sex. But he will never ask you for another blow job, because he doesn't want you think of him as being selfish.

He hates it to see you more successful.

Even if he claims that he is proud of your achievements, he feels very insecure when you move in your career faster than him. Men are brought up to always win, but nowadays it often happens women to be ahead of them and get even more respect. And that scares him as much as it would wound his ego. But no man would ever admit it. You can help him, at least not to mention your successes too often.

He is more loyal to you than to his friends.

No matter what you've heard, the most important topic that men discuss when they are among peers is sports. In general, men do not like to talk about their sexual experiences in front of other men, especially if they are in love. It is much more likely to smile and let the imagination to their friends. They are much less interested in sharing private information with other men than to share it with you. Men are really very attached to their buddies. But once they have chosen a woman, it means that they have abandoned the most essential part of the male nature. And this is something they will never admit to anyone.

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