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Should Women Ever Propose To Men?

online dating, love, romance Instead of waiting for their boyfriends to ask the dream words, "Will you marry me?", more and more women take the issue with the proposal of marriage in their own hands. And while half a century ago was unthinkable for a woman to propose marriage, now every tenth woman proposes marriage to his spouse according to a recent study. But why the sexes switch roles and an increasing number of women are suppose to perform men duties? Here are some suggestions:
Women are more courageous than men in their quest to start a family and their desire for marriage is greater than that of the male half. The fact is that most women eagerly await the day of the marriage proposal, but tired of waiting and uncertain whether they will receive an engagement ring, they decide to be
the first ones to propose marriage to their spouse.
There are women who decide to secure the future of their love relationship as early as they can by proposing marriage to their partners with the idea that their hubbies will be tied up for life and they have nowhere to run. Another common reason is that in women’s perception there are only few true gentlemen left in this world and romantic moments like falling on their knees, giving of an engagement ring in a fairy place disappeared with expectations of a dream proposal.
And what is the male reaction to a female marriage proposal? Many men would accept this as a joke, others would get totally frightened, but most of the males would be excited to say "Yes." The proposal of marriage from a woman is unusual and memorable, something that over time will create a great deal of interest to tell their children. For example, Monica proposed to Chandler from the TV series "Friends" and Miranda proposed to Steve from "Sex and the City".
So, how do you think, is ok for a woman to take the initiative and propose marriage to their man?

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