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Top Ten Cheap Date Ideas

Chris Houston, Yahoo! Contributor Network
So the finances aren't as good as they used to be. We are still in a recession and finding out ways to afford, well, let's just say it, a cheap date can be very crucial these days. Especially if you are dating a lot. Here is a list of the 10 Cheap Date Ideas that could keep your wallet thin and your girlfriend last long.

Couples Night

--It's not exactly setting the world on fire but if you have a group of similar minded couples come over and play games then it will have a date like feel. Let's say you have 3 couples who are willing to split the bill for a pizza and then each provides a board game. Then boom, you are in business and there's nothing like getting the vibe from other couples to put you in the mood for romance. The only problem might be is if your mate is a little too competitive. The night might just go in reverse. Total bill? 30 dollars divided by 3. 10 bucks apiece.

The Zoo

Oh it's probably the easiest place to take a new date. Some zoos are free and all you have to pay is for parking. It's also an excellent place to first hold hands. Think about it? Walking and looking at the animals(who are sometimes snuggling, too). It's just natural. Total bill? Free-30 dollars.

Drive in Theatre

Your community may or may not have a drive-in. Some of these have fallen off the face of the earth unfortunately. But if you are so lucky to have a drive in theatre, then it's a cheap date you'll love. Not only does the drive-in allow some serious alone time but it also allows you an opportunity to talk while the movie is going on. Cost? 15-25 dollars.

Picnic at the Park

-It's a romantic gesture that most people just seem to go for. Never mind the ants and bees. Planting a cover down and sitting down with a few pieces of fried chicken and corn on the cob is perhaps the most relaxing feeling in the world. You know that the mood will be romantic and less stressful. Total cost? Depends on who cooks the chicken! 10-15 dollars. One of the all time favorite cheap dates.

Walk around your old neighborhood

It's important to develop insight into what your future mate is like. I can think of few better ways than by walking around a place you grew up. Taking a stroll by the place you learned to pedal your bike. Reflecting on "Old Spot" and how much you miss him. Of course if you want dinner afterwards I am sure there is almost always a favorite spot your family went to. Cost 20-30 dollars.

See a school play

So what if it's not Broadway? Watching youth perform can sometimes provide the best medicine. The 4th and 5th grade production of "Annie" might just be the best chance to see how your potential mate relates to kids. Observe and observe! Total cost-10-15 dollars.

Do Laundry and Watch A Movie

It's probably the most classic cheap date night. If the guy or girl you are dating will go for this, then chances are, they are in it for the right reasons. Plus you get a load done. Total Cost-5 Bucks.

Visit The Humane Society

Do this after you eat a little dinner since you'll be petting the pooches. Or kittens. There's nothing like checking out the newest cute faces to warm hearts. And it's free. Just make sure your date isn't allergic before! Total cost-Free!

Go Fly A Kite

Yes, literally. It may sound a bit dull but it's not easy. Two minds must click together sometimes to get the darn thing off the ground. This may show you what kind of teamwork your potential mate is capable of.

Bingo Night

It doesn't seem overwhelmingly romantic but it can be. Watching other elderly couples who still can have a ball playing bingo can provide quite a bit of inspiration for those searching for similar fates. Plus you can win the big bucks, right? Total cost-let's hope it's 25-30 dollars!
That's my list of 10 relatively simple but cheap date ideas. Of course if you have money you might not have to worry about being so creative. But even if you do, ditch the dollars, and figure out a way to spend time with your date where communication takes center stage!
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